Utah Grizzlies


A huge thank you to the Utah Grizzlies hockey organization.  The live auction of jerseys from the “Angel’s Hands Foundation”  Grizzlies jersey night resulted in a donation to us of $7000+.

The Utah Grizzlies are the organization which has supported us from the beginning.  We are forever grateful to them for their contributions and support!


Christmas Party 2015


Our Angel’s made ornaments, wrote letters to Santa, got to sit with SC and tell him their deepest dreams and Christmas Wishes, had a feast and cookies galore, held hands and hug princes and princesses and their favor character, brought a very humble Santa Claus to tears, stood from a wheelchair and walked to Santa for the first time, I’d say Angel’s Hands Foundation, the Volunteers, Mark Kristensen and team knocked it completely out of the park today!
A million Thank yous to Utah Food Service, General Distributing and all our amazing sponsors. You put smiles, love and happiness in this very special Christmas celebration!          ‘Steve Stauffer’