Ride with the Angels 2017

Thank you to all the riders who shared the day with us!  Perfect weather, perfect venue! Thank you Bingham Canyon Lions for your support of our event!  Thanks to Utah SAG, you are a great group and are a huge asset to our ride!  A big THANKS to all of our sponsors!  We couldn’t have this event without your support!











Christmas Party 2016



What a great day. Thank you to all our volunteers for making today so special. Thank you General Distributing for the use of your beautiful facility. Thank you Westin for taking photos, Santa, princesses, superheroes, LIA, Utah Foods Service for the great food, and anyone else I forgot…..Mark Kristensen

Angel’s Hands Foundation put on their Christmas Party today and oh what a party. They made ornaments, had family photos taken, decorated Christmas Cookies, sat on Santa’s lap and had a wonderful lunch and snacks.
Sue and I have been in the background the past few years and take no credit for where this incredible organization is heading!
Days like today however, fill my heart with warmth seeing the smiles and love that was shared here today.
My Christmas came early this year. Thank you Angel’s Hands Foundation for touching so many lives in such a positive way!
Merry Christmas!……….Steve Stauffer